Moving Your Business Goods: How Can I Ship a 3D Printer?


Often times, shipping business equipment isn’t always something that can be handled by small parcel companies such as UPS, FedEx, or the postal service. But you might not need a full moving company either — or their rates. So how do you get an item such as 3D printer from North Carolina to another location in the country or around the world?

3D printers and similar items are bulky, heavy, and fragile. Even if they are small enough to use a small parcel service, they will require professional packaging in order to survive the environment where they will be stacked with other items, turned upside down, and handled multiple times.

Steps for Shipping a 3D Printer

Magellan has helped move gene analyzers, servers, centrifuges, other lab equipment, computers, and more. Here is what to expect if you need to ship bulky office equipment.

  1. Assessment - We’ll ask you about the object, including dimensions, weight, and monetary value. We find pictures useful at this stage.  We will need to know where the item is destined for and whether you will require insurance , or be providing your own. We’ll also need your location and whether you require a pickup.
  2. Estimate/Scheduling - After we have gathered all the information  and had a chance to assess, we provide an estimate, which gives you an idea of cost, provided none of the parameters change. At this time, we can schedule a time to pick up your item.
  3. Pickup - We come to you to collect the item and return it to our warehouse for packing.
  4. Packing - From there, we go through our packing process to protect your item. We make custom boxes, or sometimes crates and put them on pallets so they can be forklifted and moved without damage. The packing method includes many layers of protective materials to prevent scratching on the exterior and damage from jostling or moving.
  5. Shipping - Finally, we ship your item. The type of transportation will depend on the location of the destination, but we most often use freight shipping, which means your item will be put on a freight truck or a cargo ship for its journey. We will talk through your shipping options during the assessment step.

If you’re shipping something large, fragile, or unusually shaped, contact us to get it sent in one piece.

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