How to Pack and Ship Server Racks

Servers are often valuable and require professional packing to safely ship.  This usually means foam-in-place and double boxing. After all, you don’t want a server to be damaged while in transit. Server racks alone are large and bulky, but they aren’t as fragile, meaning we can prepare them differently.

Server racks are heavy and awkward, which is why it’s a job for the folks who have experience with freight shipping. Also, if you’re not relocating the entire office, it is usually not worth it to hire full-service movers.

Magellan has shipped gene analyzers, servers, centrifuges, computers, and other lab equipment. If you’re moving server racks from one office to another, whether in North Carolina or out of state, here are some of the steps we take to relocate them safely.

1. Pickup - First, we schedule a time to pick up the server racks and any miscellaneous accessories from the customer’s facility.

If you’re shipping something large, fragile, or unusually shaped, contact us to get it sent in one piece.

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