How to Keep Your Stuff Secure and Safe During Storage and Moving

TempControlMoving your business or home takes a lot of work and planning, whether you’re relocating your business across the country or moving your home across the ocean. Your entire world might be packed up into boxes and crates, and you want to make sure it arrives safely and in the same condition.

To achieve that goal, here are some things to keep in mind:


Temperatures on any journey will vary wildly. Magellan often moves paintings, other artwork, and vehicles via sealed shipping container for a destination overseas. Shipping containers are not air-conditioned or heated, so it’s a good idea to assume your items will be exposed to extreme hot or cold, depending on the season. Durable packing materials can help insulate against extreme temperatures, but there are no guarantees.

While wood and leather furniture should be fine for the trip, long-term exposure to heat and humidity can take a toll. If your items require a controlled environment, consider timing your move so they spend the least amount of time in transit. For sensitive items, such as a precious wine collection, consider taking them yourself or using refrigerated shipping options.  

Magellan offers temperature controlled storage options for items that need to be heated or cooled while in our possession, so be sure to ask about those if needed.

Any company you hire to move, pack, or ship your things should have various types of insurance. However, many such policies only cover damage or loss while that company is storing or packing your goods. If you are moving your laboratory equipment across the country, for example, we are fully licensed and insured to cover problems (should they arise) while we are handling or storing your gear. However, you should also plan to purchase your own moving insurance policy to cover loss, theft, and other hazards while your items are in transit and in other situations.

Retail stores must advertise their move, of course, but other businesses may want to hold off on alerting people. In some industries, it’s not unheard of for thieves or corporate spies to use the chaos of moving day to their advantage.

If you are shipping internationally, you may not realize that customs officials will break any seals we create. While we pack securely, keep in mind we cannot guarantee “no seal broken” or anything like that.

If you have questions about how Magellan prepares your possessions for a relocation, ask our team for a free consultation.

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