How Can I Ship a China Cabinet?


Shipping large, heavy objects across the state, country, or even across the ocean isn’t something you’d typically want to take on yourself or trust to just any company. China cabinets, heirlooms, art, and other objects you keep in your home tend to be fragile, large, and difficult to ship safely.

We often hear from people trying to ship furniture or art to a family member or consignment company from the vicinity of where we operate in North Carolina. The problem that they find is that they do not have the means to properly pack their item(s) or a way to transport it to a freight terminal. Most people are unfamiliar with the logistics of freight shipping, and small parcel services such as UPS, FedEx, and USPS cannot accommodate their needs. Even in cases where the item is small enough for parcel shipping, the small parcel environment is very rough on fragile items. After all, one in 10 e-commerce items arrives damaged. Your heirlooms have both monetary and sentimental value, and it’s critical to protect them during shipping.

Here are some examples of household objects that require careful packing attention:

  • Paintings - Whether it’s canvas or covered with glass, you don’t want other items stacked on top of them. The same is true for a large mirror.
  • Statues - Statues can easily suffer fractures or dents without packaging to protect them from moving inside the container.
  • China Cabinet - The combination of glass, the large size, and weight make this a fragile and bulky item.

Steps for Shipping the China Cabinet

Whether your object is a china cabinet or something along these lines, here is what to expect when shipping with Magellan.

  1. Inquiry - We’ll ask you about the object, including dimensions, weight, and monetary value. Pictures are very helpful at this stage. We’ll also need your location and whether you require a pickup service. Most people do, because moving awkward items is risky and requires a commercial vehicle.
  2. Estimate of Charges - We will use the information to provide you with an estimate of the service charges. This can include pickup, packing and palletizing or crating, shipping, delivery services at destination, and insurance.  The estimate can help you decide how to proceed.
  3. Pickup - For very unusual or valuable items, we conduct an on-site estimate of your packing and shipping costs. We collect the item and return it to our warehouse for packing.
  4. Packing - From there, we go through our packing process to protect your item. Most items we ship are crated and put on pallets so they can be forklifted and moved without damage. We pack items with various materials to prevent them from moving inside the container as well.
  5. Shipping - Finally, we ship your item. The type of shipping will depend a number of factors, but we most often use freight shipping, which means your item will be put on a tractor trailer for its journey. We will answer questions and advise at every step of the process.

If you’re shipping something large, fragile, or unusually shaped, contact us to get it there in one piece!

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