3 Ways to Reduce Costs on Shipping

Shipping your belongings, especially those which are bigger, more fragile, or need to go farther, can be a costly process. Because our clients often turn to us when they need to move larger items, we work hard to make sure our services are necessary and cost-effective. Our customers often need help navigating the multiple steps of the shipping process, so we strive to ensure that we’re giving them all the information they need to minimize expenses by providing only the services that they require.


In order to reduce costs when shipping your items, make sure you keep the following points in mind:

1. Consolidate goods. Placing multiple items in one box or container, or “bulk packing,” can help you save space and money. Large, sturdy boxes or crates can hold several items at once and can safely transport fragile equipment when packed correctly. By consolidating your goods, you reduce the dimensions of the items, which reduces material costs, labor costs, and freight charges.

2. Customer provides services. Customers can assist with some of the shipping process to save money on handling and delivery. For example, a customer can pack their own goods, or at least some of their goods, to reduce packing costs. Be aware that this may affect insurance options that we can provide for such goods. For lower value, less fragile items, such as miscellaneous household goods, this can be a helpful money-saving option. The customer can also deliver the items to the shipper to avoid pickup charges, and the party on the receiving end can pick up the items at a freight terminal rather than paying for a freight delivery or third-party delivery service.

3. Let Magellan work its magic. Our logistics team can find the best rate and best approach for your needs. Let the pros determine whether boxing or crating is needed, which method of shipping (LTL, Air, etc.) is best, how to ship dedicated freight or ocean container for large shipments, how much or little packing is required, and any other necessary details. We take care of all of the steps so that you can relax!

To start your shipping process, contact our team today.

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