Servers are often valuable and require professional packing to safely ship.  This usually means foam-in-place and double boxing. After all, you don’t want a server to be damaged while in transit. Server racks alone are large and bulky, but they aren’t as fragile, meaning we can prepare them differently. Server racks are heavy and awkward, whic
Often times, shipping business equipment isn’t always something that can be handled by small parcel companies such as UPS, FedEx, or the postal service. But you might not need a full moving company either — or their rates. So how do you get an item such as 3D printer from North Carolina to another location in the country or around the world? 3D pri
Shipping large, heavy objects across the state, country, or even across the ocean isn’t something you’d typically want to take on yourself or trust to just any company. China cabinets, heirlooms, art, and other objects you keep in your home tend to be fragile, large, and difficult to ship safely. We often hear from people trying to ship furniture o
Moving your business or home takes a lot of work and planning, whether you’re relocating your business across the country or moving your home across the ocean. Your entire world might be packed up into boxes and crates, and you want to make sure it arrives safely and in the same condition. To achieve that goal, here are some things to keep in mind:
When deciding how to ship your goods, there are many factors to take into consideration: cost, timeline, and size (volume) and weight of your items. You have multiple options, whether you’re shipping your lab equipment, delicate artwork, or moving your home or office furniture. Here are some of the possibilities and when to use them: Less
Shipping your belongings, especially those which are bigger, more fragile, or need to go farther, can be a costly process. Because our clients often turn to us when they need to move larger items , we work hard to make sure our services are necessary and cost-effective. Our customers often need help navigating the multiple steps of the shipping pro