Custom Packing

You can trust us with your fragile or high-value items and know that they will be properly prepared for transportation.

Custom Palletizing and Crating

Once your items are properly packed, we will provide the proper support structure to match the size, weight, and value of the item. 

LTL Freight Shipping 

We will broker the domestic shipment of your goods via one of the many motor fleets of tractor-trailers that transport goods across the continental United States.

Air Freight Shipping

Domestic or international shipping can be done quickly and safely for specialty transportation.

Ocean Freight Shipping

International shipping of goods can be done on specially prepared pallets or, in the case of large loads, in 20 or 40 foot steel ocean containers.

On-site Packing/Preparation

We have the capacity to do on-the-spot packing to assist in the pick up of fragile items, or to prepare a freight shipment from a business.

Furniture Installation

We can receive, verify, and store goods for delivery to a home or business, and we have much experience working with interior decorators.

Local Transportation

We can safely transport goods within North Carolina for delivery or installation.