Here are some examples of things that we can ship for you:

Art and Antiques 

We ship paintings, figurines and statuary, porcelain, glass, wood carvings, grandfather clocks, and just about everything else that requires special care.


All sorts of household or office furniture items (individually or in groups) are business as usual for us. 

Computers and Servers

Desktops, laptops, server blades, and cabinets that require anti-vibration and static-free packing are safe with us.

Science and Medical Equipment

Looking for someone who is experienced in handling sensitive or bulky equipment?  We are here for you.

Estate or Auction

Picking up, packing, and shipping estates or auction lots is a multi-step process that we are accustomed to.  We handle individual pieces or as well as multiple lots.

Home or Office 

Relocating your home or office?  Give us a call and see what we can do for you.   We handle local, domestic, and international transport at every step of the process.